All import info about Blijdorp Festival 2019

Blijdorp Festival 2019 takes place on Saturday, August 10th.

Opening times
Blijdorp Festival 2019 starts at 12:00hr and goes on till 23:00hr.

Blijdorp Festival 2019 is located at the best hidden green spot of Rotterdam: Het Roel Langerakpark.

You can purchase your tickets online at the ticketshop.

Can my ticket be scanned from a mobile phone?
Yes, this is possible. Please make sure to have your ticket open and ready when waiting in line for the event.

Lost your ticket?
Go to to find your tickets.

Line up
Check the Blijdorp Festival 2019 artists here

Is it possible to take my medicine with me to Blijdorp Festival 2019?
Yes, medicine is allowed in, as long as it’s stored in its original packaging. You also have to bring your doctor’s prescription with you. All medicine brought in will be checked by medical personnel at the entrance.

Food & Drinks
Can I bring my own food and/or drinks to Blijdorp Festival 2019?
No, it’s not allowed to bring food and/or drinks with you. There’s a very wide selection of food available at Blijdorp Festival 2019 (also vegan and vega options).

There will be plenty of lockers available at Blijdorp Festival 2019.

Blijdorp Festival 2019 is a 18+ event. Please bring your ID card.

Lost & Found
Lost something?
Keep checking the Blijdorp Festival socials in the days after Blijdorp Festival 2019. We will make a list with all thing we’ve found asap.

Found something?
Please give the found object to the security team.

Other Question?
You can contact us at: