All import info about Blijdorp x De Doelen

Date & time
Blijdorp x De Doelen takes place on Saturday, April 20th, from 17:00 till 03:00.

You can purchase your tickets online at the ticketshop.

Can my ticket be scanned from a mobile phone?
Yes, this is possible. Please make sure to have your ticket open and ready when waiting in line for the event.

Lost your ticket?
Go to to find your tickets.

What if Blijdorp x De Doelen is sold out?
We urge you to only buy tickets from

Pin only
At Blijdorp x De Doelen we will work with a pin only system. It means you can only buy food and drinks with your pin or creditcard. Please don’t bring your cash with you.

Why pin only?
Better for the environment (no plastic tokens)
No extra queues for tokens
Fast and safe payments by card

Is it possible to take my medicine with me to Blijdorp x De Doelen?
Yes, medicine is allowed in, as long as it’s stored in its original packaging. You also have to bring your doctor’s prescription with you. All medicine brought in will be checked by medical personnel at the entrance.

Food & Drinks
Can I bring my own food and/or drinks to Blijdorp x De Doelen?
No, it’s not allowed to bring food and/or drinks with you. There’s a wide selection of food available at Blijdorp x De Doelen (also vegan and vega options).

There will be plenty of lockers available at Blijdorp x De Doelen.

You are not allowed to smoke inside De Doelen. There is a special outdoor area arranged as a smoking area,

Blijdorp x De Doelen is a 18+ event. Please bring your ID card.

Lost & Found
Lost something?
Keep checking the Blijdorp Festival socials in the days after Blijdorp x De Doelen. We will make a list with all thing we’ve found.

Found something?
Please give the found object to the security team.

Need more info? You can contact us at:

Getting there

De Doelen is located in the center of Rotterdam. It’s only a 5 minutes walk from Rotterdam Central Station. easily accessible by public transportation, bike or foot. We recommend the use of public transportation or bicycling when coming to Blijdorp x De Doelen. There are several parking garages nearby, but these can be quite busy on weekends.

Adres: De Doelen, Schouwburgplein 50, 3012, CL Rotterdam

Public transportation
The closest stations and stops:

Metro: Stadhuis, Rotterdam
Bus/tram: Weena, Rotterdam

Sure you want to get to and from Blijdorp x De Doelen seamlessly, right? To make this experience even better for you ánd the Uber drivers, hereby some Festival Tips:

No surprises
The app will always give you an estimate of the trip fare before you request. Fares can be temporarily higher due to high demand. Our advise: just wait a little and request again when the dynamic pricing is no longer active.

When travelling with your partysquad, you can automatically share the costs with your Uber-friends via the option ‘fare split’ No cash hassle needed!

Leaving Blijdorp x De Doelen
When the event comes to an end and it’s time to head home. After you’ve requested, your Uber app will show you where to go to find your driver at the pick up and
drop off spot. Be mindful to only request when you are completely ready and almost at the Pick up Drop off location. Your driver will cancel if he has to wait for a long time.

Find your driver
Want to contact your driver after you’ve requested? No problem. Call or chat -anonymously- with your driver via the option ‘contact’ and ask him where he is waiting for you. Definitely the easiest way to find each other!

We wish you a great ride!

First time Uber-user?
Get around within just one tap! Simply connect your credit card or PayPal account and wait for your professional driver to pick you up. Good to know, uberX is cheaper than a regular taxi!